3D Center launches a 3D Platform with 3YOURMIND

Image: www.3yourmind.com

3D Center announces the launch of their new 3D printing platform, aimed at providing simpler access to industrial 3D Printing for B2B customers. With the launch of their platform, 3D Center is joining 3YOURMIND in their mission to promote more widespread adoption of additive manufacturing in the Nordic countries.

The Swedish company that is a distributor of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion machines believes the launch of their 3D printing platform will bring additional value to the market. By connecting the 3D Printing machines they can share the printing capacity amongst machines owners, aiming to optimize print distribution throughout the region. This will also enable customers to test AM technology before investing in their own machinery, and picking up orders from different locations according to customers’ preferences.

Customers can place their order in the 3D center platform by simply uploading a file, checking its printability and choosing a material and technology. The entire process takes just a few clicks and can be completed in minutes.