3D fab+print touchpoint at drupa 2016 an enormous success!

“The 3D fab+print touchpoint is very much the place to be at drupa 2016,” say visitors to Hall 7a. Drupa 2016 is currently taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany – May 31st to June 10th and there between June 1st and June 9th the 3D fab+print team, in combination with their touchpoint partners have arranged around 75 presentations spread over these days. The list of companies participating is impressive: Aviv3D, Blueprinter, Caldera, Canon, Doob, Cohausz & Florack, DWF, Gartner, HP,  Krause – DiMaTec, the IEEE-ISTO Working Group, Massivit, and SDD/AMR Europe.  On the first day of lectures alone, 502 people stopped at some point of the day to listen in, take part, and/or ask questions. In total it is expected that more than 3500 visitors to drupa will have stopped off to listen and pick up some knowledge at the touchpoint presentation area- quite an unprecedented number considering this is a first time event at drupa.

The major theme of the touchpoint has been has two-fold: firstly, what is happening in the world of 3D printing at the moment with particularly reference to the 2D printing and packaging industries?, and secondly, how can companies take up and combine 3D technology and innovations into their printing and packaging industries to make themselves even more successful than they are now?

All the presentations are short around 15–20 minutes – laying out clearly, and mostly through examples, how 3D printing can best be put to advantage in2D printing businesses. Presentations are not the only thing taking place at the touchpoint: SDD/AMR Europe also provide workshops in 3D design and printing. What makes participation even more interesting to participants at these workshops is that those who take part gain the chance to win a 3D printer. If a 3D dimensional printrun  of yourself is your thin g then you can arrange this at the Doob stand. Moreover, Cohausz & Florack and DWF look at and explain some of the legal issues involved  3D printing such as: the Benefits and Legal Challenges of 3D Printing, Intellectual Property Rights, Imitation of Products, Licensing, User-Generated Content, and Technological Standards, etc.

Judging from the reception of the audience there is a clear need for this type of forum with companies particularly eager to delve into the possibilities of combining 3D printing technology into their businesses. This is certainly not surprising since the profit margins to made from the use of 3D technology at the moment are high. Undoubtedly, this will change considerably in a few years’ time as more and more companies get on to the bandwagon.

Finally, work without play makes jack a dull boy. This can bot be said of the touchpoint where networking social events have also been held so that visitors can chat to the touchpoint partners about their businesses in a relaxed social atmosphere over a  drink and a snack!

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