3D fab+print touchpoint at drupa

3D fab+print touchpoint at drupa
3D fab+print touchpoint at drupa

3D fab+print are proud to announce a collaboration at drupa

The use of 3D printing technologies in the 2D printing, and packaging production industry is evolving steadily. In response to a clear desire for information on the (further) integration of 3D printing technology within these industries, 3D fab+print, powered by KCI Publishing BV, will deliver the ‘3D fab+print touchpoint’ facilitating the integration of 3D printing into drupa 2016.

drupa ideal platform
Objective of the concept is to engage thought leaders, industry professionals, exhibitors and visitors within the 2D printing/packaging production and 3D printing industries with a view for potential technology, brand and production partnerships, highlighting the added value of integrating additive manufacturing technologies and the benefits of collaboration.

Being the largest printing exhibition in the world with some 1,500 exhibitors from around 50 countries, drupa offers the ideal platform for delivering the concept, addressing both the 2D printing and packaging production industry direction for the future and the potential of integrating 3D printing technology into this industry.

3D fab+print touchpoint
During drupa 2016, hall 7a and 7.0 will provide a look into the future, engaging both visitors and exhibitors in like-minded presentations and addressing the implications of introducing 3D printing technology into a 2D printing and packaging production business model.

The 3D fab+print touchpoint will provide an information platform to share knowledge and educate both exhibitors and visitors on the added value and potential of incorporating additive manufacturing technologies into the 2D printing and packaging production industry. The touchpoint will deliver a program which offers presentations and Q&A sessions led by selected industry specialists who possess an in-depth knowledge base and represent expertise within their fields.

Topics that will be addressed at the touchpoint include:

  • 3D technologies that are relevant to the 2D printing and packaging production industry
  • added business potential for 2D printing service providers to integrate 3D printing into their available services
  • opportunities 3D printing offers as a new business model

“Communicating knowledge and information is what drives us as a company and providing the 3D fab+print touchpoint at drupa is an excellent example hereof.”
Thijs Elshof, CEO KCI Group of Companies

“The potential of 3D printing shouldn’t be underestimated, which is why it is important for us to focus on this issue.”
Sabine Geldermann, Director of drupa

Contact the 3D fab+print team for further information:
Jolanda Heunen, Project Manager: j.heunen@kci-world.com
Marcus Rohrbacher, Business Development Director KCI Publishing BV: m.rohrbacher@kci-world.com