3D printed tailor-made eyewear

Boulton Eyewear has started tailoring all their frames to each individual customer. Being inspired by 3D printing and the benefits the technique offers, Boulton started designing and making their own tailor-made eyewear. As the desktop printers did not have the quality for their designer eyewear, they turned to higher quality 3D printing manufacturing.

They extract hundreds of data points to create a digital replica of the customer’s face from a series of photos. The digital replica is then used to tailor the Boulton frame in a way to fit the customer exclusively.

Eyewear BoultonAll the frames are unique and are custom-made on demand using the latest professional 3D printers, with a printing technique called DLP-SLA (stereolithography). The printed frames are then allowed for special hand finishing.

In order to exhibit the customer’s personal style, the frames are designed based on the colours, personal initials and high quality lenses that the customer prefers.

Boulton teamed up with some very talented Dutch designers for the first collection of eyewear. Their first design, ‘Steelhouse’, is production ready and tested in the field. Four more designs are currently at their final stages of development.