3D printer filament based on coffee

Coffee benchy 3DOMUSA2Filament manufacturer 3Dom USA released a new bio-material made from coffee. Called Wound Up™, the filament is a continuing partnership with Fargo, North Dakota based bio-composite company, c2renew.

The material is made using waste by-products from coffee. The coffee left-overs are used to create a special 3D printing material that has specific print finishes.

The filament produces products with a noticeable natural grain and in a rich brown colour. So now you can have a cup of coffee in a cup of coffee.

This is the first in a line of intriguing materials from 3Dom USA called the c2renew Composites. More distinctive bio-based products will be released in the near future. Wound Up™ filament can be printed on any machine that is capable of printing with PLA.