3D printer Poetry2 with single and dual extruder option launched by Ira3D

Studio Ira3D

Italian start-up company Ira3D launched its Poetry2 FFF 3D printer that comes with a single or dual extruder option.

Designed for professionals, Poetry2 offers a build volume of up to 250 x 250 x 300 mm. Travelling at a speed of 250 mm/s, the 3D printer is capable of creating objects with a layer height of 30 microns. Its dual extruder option allows for printing with many different materials such as ABS, PLA or nylon simultaneously. Additionally, the 3D printer’s anti-blockage system reduces extrusion problems.

Ira3D offers its own range of filaments such as IRA-Wood, IRA-Copper, IRA-CarbonF, Gummify or the support material H-Limofy, to name a few.

We focused a lot on the product performances. The customers were looking for the opportunity to print bigger and defined projects, with a perfect resolution and a higher working speed, but without boundaries set by the one-color or one-material only printing process,” says Ira3D CEO Alessandro Padrin. “The greatest innovation was being able to offer all of this while keeping the price aligned with the other professional 3D printers on the market. The result has been achieved through what is called ‘Tengri System’, the core of the printer. It is the system implemented by Ira3D® which allowed the evolution of performances without increasing costs for the customers.