3D printing Bioresorbable PLA-based polymers for Medical Device


In November 2018 the second edition of 3D fab+print at MEDICA / COMPAMED will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany. After a very successful half-day Seminar in November of last year, this year 3D printing for medical applications will be addressed in a full-day Conference on Monday, November 12.

On this day eight speakers – all professionals in the field of Medical Additive Manufacturing – will provide first-hand knowledge and insight for incorporating AM (or ‘3D printing’) in the clinical practice. The presentations tie in with specific information needs of medical professionals and are interesting both to newcomers and professionals who have already gained an insight in Additive Manufacturing.

As we move closer to the event the presenters are introduced online. Last week you could read about Grégory Nolens from Cerhum and this week we interview Mrs Cécile Boudot from Evonik, who will be talking about 3D printing Bioresorbable PLA-based polymers for Medical Device.

What can you tell about your role within Evonik?

I am an application technology manager for Evonik, where I specialize in the RESOMER® portfolio of bioresorbable polymers for use in medical implant devices. I work with our global technical team to provide extensive technical support to customers throughout the design, development, scale-up and production of our RESOMER® products to address specific project needs, reduce risk, and improve speed to market.

About Cécile Boudot

Cécile Boudot studied mechanical engineering in a bi-national (French/German) diploma program. She worked on the improvement of the biocompatibility of implantable polymeric materials in the scope of her PhD studies at the Technical University of Munich. She continued her research activities at the Center of Advanced Composite Materials in Auckland, New Zealand, and worked on the development of biodegradable polymeric stents. In October 2017, Cécile joined Evonik where she is responsible for the application technology RESOMER® for medical devices in the EMEA region.



Have you attended the 3D fab+print Seminar at MEDICA / COMPAMED 2017 and if yes, what was your impression?

After hearing great things about this seminar from my colleagues and industry peers, I can’t wait to experience it in person for the first time this year.

When and how did you first hear about additive manufacturing (for use in the medical field)?

Additive manufacturing is an established technology area in material science, where it is commonly used for metal, ceramic and technical polymer applications. It is becoming an increasingly hot topic due to emerging opportunities to create personalized medical solutions. So it’s a frequent topic of discussion during meetings with new or prospective customers.

What are you going to talk about at the 3D fab+print Conference at MEDICA / COMPAMED 2018?

We will provide some insight into the versatility of our RESOMER® portfolio for additive manufacturing applications, and also discuss some of our ongoing activities with external partners.

What do you hope to gain from – or establish with – presenting on November 12?

This event will serve as a wonderful platform to meet with our industry peers who are seeking to address specific challenges in additive manufacturing. As a long-term partner to the world’s medical device companies for advanced biomaterials and application technology solutions, I expect it will be a busy show.

When you wish to attend the Conference on Monday, November 12 be sure to register quickly as seats are limited!