3D printing gets a grip on the industrial world

A robotic arm with 3D printed grippers working on the Dixon Valve factory floor. A new set of jaws can be made on the Mark Two in less than a day.

The industrial application possibilities for 3D printing seem to become more and more recognised. Not only that, the additive manufacturing techniques is also increasingly used as a solution to problems in an industrial environment.

3D printing for the nuclear industry

In the nuclear industry for example, the potential of 3D printing is recognised with regards to reducing costs as well as for speeding up delivery time for the manufacturing of performance enhancing replacement parts in nuclear power plants. More about this interesting development can be read in the article Jon Allen from GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy wrote on this topic, titled 3D printing for the nuclear industry.

3D printing in the valve industry

Editor David Sear recently researched how professionals in the valve industry see 3D printing by asking himself: Is the valve industry embracing 3D printing? What he found out – among many other things – is that many valve manufacturers who exhibit at trade shows leave the heavy equipment at home and instead create 3D printed valves because these light-weight models are of course much easier for transportation.

In addition, valve professionals utilise 3D printing in other ways. Dixon Valve for example manufacture tools in-house in a time-effective way. Safety, strength and chemical resistance are key for Dixon’s work environment, and they really reap the benefits of 3D printing in their production facility because the Mark Two 3D printer secures a firm grip in robotic automation.

3D printing industrial solutions

Melotte is a company that has extensive experience with molds as well as with 3D metal printing. They combined this to introduce 3D printed parts into the complex world of injection molding. Melotte supplies prototypes and small production series manufactured with conventional machining as well as metal 3D SLM printing (selective laser melting). Bram Grandjean from Melotte provides an insight herein in 3D printing for industrial solutions.

3D printing and you

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