3D printing in India

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The 3D printing industry continues to evolve rapidly and already has a steady foot on the ground in several industries worldwide. And even though it is sometimes still a fairly small footprint, 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) and 3D scanning technology are successfully applied in the automotive, medical, architectural, industrial, and aerospace industries.

To gain an insight in how 3D technology is present on the market in India, let’s zoom into this fascinating country and have a closer look at 3D printer manufacturers, 3D printer resellers, and 3D print-related services.

Additive manufacturing and the Indian market

In the Indian context, 3D technology is relatively new but thanks to local assemblers – as well as domestic manufacturers – 3D printers are available for a relatively low price. Falling prices of 3D printers and other related equipment as well as the increased awareness of the technology and its possibilities have led to the creation of a strong market base for manufacturers in India.

Challenges for 3D printing in India

In the Indian market most of the industries still utilize traditional manufacturing methods. And the price of a 3D printer is almost equivalent to the price of a conventional machine, so in this respect there’s no incentive to change to 3D printing technology at the moment. The (lack of) speed of additive manufacturing is another reason for hesitance. Still, the Indian 3D printer market is expected to grow rapidly.

Business models in the Indian 3D printing industry

Companies such as Stratasys and MakerBot have established partnerships with Indian companies to increase their customer base in the Indian market. Altem Technologies for example is an authorized partner/reseller to Stratasys and ARTEC3D. Altem is headquartered in Bangalore (where Stratasys India’s first 3D Experience Center is located) and has six other offices in India from where they provide 3D printing solutions such as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and PolyJet technology, as well as 3D scanning options.

There are also Indian companies designing and manufacturing 3D printers. Divide by Zero Technologies for example manufacture professional and industrial grade 3D printers, plus many companies in India provide 3D printing services. And Renishaw opened an AM solutions centre in India last year. Equipped with the latest AM systems and staffed by knowledgeable engineers, the facility provides a secure development environment for customers to expand their knowledge and experience in using AM technology.

Rapid product development services

The the rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing center Imaginarium for example provides prototypes to an assortment of industries, ranging from automotive to engineering, and from architecture to consumer goods.

Another rapid product development service provider in India with extensive expertise in this field is 3DPD (3D Product Development). They are an integrated prototyping service provider with offices in multiple locations in India. The Technologies that 3DPD utilize for rapid prototyping include Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), and Stereolithography.

Of course there is much more to say about 3D printing in India. Are you professionally involved in 3D printing technology in India, or do you have a great story to share in this respect? Be sure to get in contact!