3D printing one off case mods

3D printing isn’t anything new but, its uses are. The PC case modding industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. Case modding is an industry where artisans craft custom computer cases that become an extension of their personality. It’s only a matter of time before the two industries collide to create true one off mods. The name of the game in the PC modding industry is to create something that no one else has.

A custom case build is developed using a 3D printer to print parts that are completely one of a kind. That build is called StarCraft Day Zero. The Printrbot Plus is an important part of the case modding process. Initially during the brain storming process, sketchup was used to design parts that could be used to convey the Starcraft theme.

Currently in the case modding industry a PC is being built right from the scratch. The plan is to combine different forms of fabrication, including 3D printing. The new Printrbot Plus will be busy making one of a kind, case modding creations. Case modding and 3-D printing are built for each other. Many modders are masters of CAD and design due to the extensive planning involved in sponsored builds. Sponsored builds are done when an experienced case modder is given hardware in order to build a case that can be taken to trade shows or shared online. With companies like Printrbot offering great 3D printers at an affordable price. It allows more people to take the plunge and invest in a machine that lets them be creative, in their own way.