3D Slash and Astroprint create user-friendly 3D platform

screenshot iFrame AstroPrint-parthenon 2AstroPrint, the cloud 3D printing software platform partners with 3D Slash, the fun and easy-to-use 3D modelling app, to provide all users a simple, intuitive and user-friendly 3D experience, which is accessible both from PC and mobile devices.

AstroPrint’s cloud based operating system incorporates an app interface similar to Google Play, but for the 3D printing industry. AstroPrint integrated the 3D Slash app and offer smart plug & play tools for a trouble-free 3D access, so that users can easily create, remix, slice, monitor and 3D print anything, anytime and from anywhere. Users can now directly access the 3D Slash modeling app from the AstroPrint dashboard.

Users can remix existing design files (.stl) from their AstroPrint File Manager or create new designs from scratch. After creating the new design, the file can be either stored online or sent for printing by a single click. As the 3D Slash app can be used with an AstroPrint ID, users don’t have to sign in twice and for the existing 3Dslashers, every design made within the AstroPrint platform will be saved in their 3D Slash portfolio as well.

The 3D platform is accessible from any wireless device such as phone, tablet and computer and with the 3D Slash intuitive Minecraft-like modelling app and AstroPrint’s auto-settings, users can 3D print their creations without any need to understand the highly technical programs to create designs.

screenshot AstroFilemanagerWith the AstroPrint and 3D Slash combination, any user with Internet access and a compliant 3D printer (80% of desktop 3D printers) can create their own 3D projects.

Daniel Arroyo, AstroPrint’s CTO says: “By combining the easy-to-get design editing features of 3D Slash with AstroPrint’s simple 3D printing workflow, we can finally empower anyone to create objects then print those objects, without the need for any technical training”

Sylvain Huet, 3D Slash CEO says: “AstroPrint takes complexity out of the 3D printing experience, especially for beginners. Our API offers extra fun creative features to the AstroPrint community, consistent with AstroPrint’s Cloud-based strategy.”