3D Systems brings engineering-grade materials with Nylon for CubePro

3D Systems has expanded its PlasticJet Printing materials to include a new Nylon for its CubePro® 3D printers. This engineering-grade performance material has been developed to provide strength, flexibility and unparalleled durability to its desktop production of functional parts for designing, testing and small-scale manufacturing.

The new material, which is a blend containing Nylon 6 and compatible with InfinityTM Rinse-Away water-soluble support material, saves design and process time and enables 3D printing of complex, articulated and fully assembled end-use parts. The material is delivered in a new Smart Cartridge equipped with a hydroscopic seal extending the material’s shelf life for up to 12 months. The Nylon is combined with the InfinityTM Rinse-Away support inside the CubePro’s climate controlled chamber, to provide high quality professional desktop 3D printed outputs every time.

The Nylon for CubePro has a tensile strength of 4,785 psi, with flexibility of a dog bone-like shape of 1/8th inch thick, ½ inch wide; elongation at break value of 22 %; strength-to-weight ratio of 174 psi, for light and strong parts with honeycomb infill structure; tensile modulus of 248,005 psi; flexural strength of 8,270 psi; and 75 Shore D hardness via needle penetration.

Nylon’s strength and durability gives prints a smooth surface finish, ideal for parts requiring load bearing, base strength and its flexibility enables Nylon prints to snap back to original form, adding both form and function to 3D prints.

With this Nylon material, CubePro owners have transformed their desktop 3D printer into an economic tool for low volume, high value direct-manufacturing. For example, small businesses can readily produce several hundred precision parts using a bank of CubePro printers as an affordable flexible-manufacturing cell.