3D Systems develops curriculum for Bronchoscopy

3D Systems has recently declared an ongoing collaboration with the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) to develop a standardized curriculum for Bronchoscopy on the Simbionix BRONCH Mentor™ virtual reality training simulator.

The CHEST Standardized Curriculum Module for Essential Bronchoscopic Skills and Diagnostic Bronchoscopy is designed to provide an opportunity to learn and demonstrate basic skills, as well as clinical knowledge and informed decision-making. This new standardized training module combines the expertise of CHEST and 3D Systems, leaders in their respective fields, to provide the most relevant training and assessment within a realistic mode of practice.

3D Systems experts have worked closely with CHEST course directors to combine theoretical material and clinical decision-making quizzes with hands-on simulation practice. The training modules include video tutorials and tasks that focus on bronchoscopic core competencies, followed by clinical segments in which cognitive and psychomotor skills are challenged and assessed as one entity for the first time. The curriculum covers the complete clinical workflow for patient evaluation based on the Practical Approach that includes initial evaluation, procedural strategies, techniques and results, and long-term management.