3D Systems’ GibbsCAM 2015 software for production machining

GibbsCAM3D Systems has begun shipping the latest version of its software for production machining, GibbsCAM®, which facilitates cross-technology manufacturing between additive and subtractive methods, incorporated with a new Universal Kinematic Machine (UKM) engine that further simplifies CNC programming.

GibbsCAM, developed for ease-of-use, empowers numerical control programmers and machinists with solid modeling, 2–5-axis milling, high speed machining, mill/turn, Swiss, multi-task machining and wire-EDM capabilities.

The new tooling functions and capabilities, with new icons and dynamic 3D viewing of tools and tool holders, extend the ability to define, use and simulate tools. All mill tools will support straight, tapered and stepped shanks, while new mill and lathe tool types are also introduced, including 3D form tools and 75° Diamond (ISO E-style) lathe tools.

There are numerous enhancements in hole making including additional support from CAD systems and full associativity from Autodesk Inventor, CATIA v5, Solid Edge and SolidWorks. A new Hole Editor is introduced for editing holes features including compound holes that are supported with multiple straight, tapered and threaded segments. In addition, feature recognition is enhanced and the 5-axis drilling interface is streamlined.

The intermediate tooling support for Multi-task Machining helps in managing tools and easy programming. A tool block library and support for tool blocks, such as adapter blocks, holders for tool holders, right-angle and adjustable heads, and flash tooling are added along with a fixture library and support for fixtures such as chucks, tailstocks, steady rests and other work holding devices.

Machine simulation is greatly improved with UKM, intermediate tooling support, and an improved rendering palette, which helps in accurate and efficient rendering, displaying intermediate tooling for complete simulation of all moving components. The new Stops and Watches feature enables customized monitoring of key conditions.

Integration with Sandvik Coromant’s Adveon Tool Library enables tools import from Sandvik and ISO 13399 compliant systems and simplifies tool definition and tooling-data management. This also allows a shop to build, save and reuse a library, and link tools and tool assemblies to parts and processes, making faster reuse of a program for a subsequent part run, and faster updating when parts change.

GibbsCAM enables improved production efficiency and greater profitability, with multiple enhancements extends the capabilities and accommodates new machines of all configurations and makes faster and accurate simulation and hole making programming processes.