3D Systems unveils 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS 15

A new power-supports capability fully automates support generation for multiple geometries with the click of a button.

3D Systems is transforming customers’ digital design and manufacturing environments and putting software at the core of its strategy. Recently, the company unveiled its latest software solution – 3DXpert® for SOLIDWORKS 15 – which empowers SOLIDWORKS customers to easily prepare and optimize their designs for additive manufacturing, allowing them to design complex structures and accelerate the product design life-cycle with better automation and seamless bi-directional data exchange from and to SOLIDWORKS.

These enhancements help provide an accelerated path to design freedom, increased efficiency, reduced total cost of operation, and gain a competitive advantage for a range of applications and industries. Until now, the design toolset available has been oriented for traditional manufacturing techniques, which has created barriers to digital manufacturing workflow optimization. In addition, designers have faced a demand for lighter weight parts and parts that possess complex geometries. 3D Systems’ latest software solution addresses these challenges and unlocks new possibilities, including the ability to create more shapes in more ways.

3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is an add-on for SOLIDWORKS, extending SOLIDWORKS’ design capabilities with a complete DfAM toolset, equipping designers with everything they need to prepare and optimize their designs for 3D printing.