3Dom USA’s engineering-grade 3D filament Glass Filled PLA

3Dom USA released its engineering-grade 3D filament, Glass Filled PLA a composite PLA/glass material, made to extremely tight tolerances.

The two filament diameters, 1.75mm and 2.85mm, are manufactured using an in-line laser scanner to measure and control diameter and ovality tolerances of +/- 0.05mm (2.9% and 1.8% respectively).

Glass Filled PLA filament can be used on any machine capable of printing with PLA. It offers similar benefits of standard PLA such as a very low warp, low odor, and no special extruder or heated bed needed.

The power of its composite make-up allows it to be stronger, tougher and more flexible. In a comparison to parts 3D printed in standard PLA, Glass Filled PLA is 1.4 times stronger than PLA at 57 MPa of max tensile strength; 1.3 times tougher than PLA with 34 J/m of Impact Toughness; and 1.9 times more flexible than PLA with a tensile elongation of 3.4% before failure.

Glass Filled PLA is not only an effort to advance engineered and practical-use 3D printed parts and components, but also to offer the PLA users a far improved product.

The filament diameter and ovality specs for each individual spool will be included in all 3Dom USA spool packaging.