3DX Industries expands metal printing capabilities

3DX Industries Inc. has stated the expansion of the company’s additive manufacturing capabilities with the introduction of new metal powders that enable the printing of complex wear resistant parts for both existing and new industrial customers. 3DX Industries is poised for further growth in many markets including the tool & die, agriculture, energy, and oil & gas industries by offering these proprietary alloys and the performance properties they deliver. Using Binder Jet additive manufacturing for prototypes and production runs allows the company to print parts in a variety of sizes and complexities at significantly reduced lead times and is often more cost effective than other additive manufacturing processes.

3DX Industries in collaboration with NanoSteel®, now offers NanoSteel’s two new proprietary metal powders, BLDRmetal™ J-10 and J-11 which are designed for components that operate in abrasive environments. Parts made with BLDRmetal™ J-10 provide 2X the elongation and approximately 3X the wear resistance and impact toughness of an equivalent 420 stainless steel matrix while those made with BLDRmetal™ J-11 provide 10X the wear resistance of a 420 stainless steel matrix in lower impact applications.

“Offering this line of BLDRmetal™ powders brings the advantage of much greater durability in our printed components to our customer base” states Roger Janssen, President and CEO of 3DXIndustries. “Witnessing the performance of these proprietary powders in both testing as well as real-world applications with our clients demonstrates the value of these properties. Critical working parts like pumps, impellers, rotors and turbines can all significantly benefit from these materials.”