3YOURMIND secures €1.3 M from investment bank of Berlin

The investment bank of Berlin has awarded 3YOURMIND €1.3 M in Pro FIT funding, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Since 2014, 3YOURMIND software has been optimizing the industrial 3D printing (additive manufacturing) value chain for manufacturers in the US and Europe. This funding will be used to extend machine learning applications throughout their software suite. For companies entering into or scaling their additive manufacturing, 3YOURMIND software helps identify AM suitable parts from existing inventories. For companies and 3D printing services who are already actively 3D printing, the software suite becomes their digital access point for accurate pricing, file management, automated order processing and transparent tracking of the production floor.

In 2018, they launched their Agile Manufacturing Execution System (Agile MES) to create transparent and optimized production floor scheduling. Now, in 2019, in addition to building out machine connectivity, they will focus on interlinking their software suite with machine learning to improve depth of optimization, lower processing costs and move additive manufacturing towards truly automated production streams. This is 3YOURMIND’s vision for Agile Manufacturing.