A2K Technologies Enters the 3D Printer Marketplace

A2K Technologies Enters the 3D Printer Marketplace
A2K Technologies Enters the 3D Printer Marketplace

A2K Technologies has announced that it is now providing 3D printing solutions to Australian customers.

The move to sell 3D printers follows A2K’s already-established specialist role in offering large format digital printers, copiers and managed print solutions across multiple platforms, in addition to complementary design software.

Superior technical knowledge of 3D software gives A2K the unique ability to also offer 3D printer customers with training and implementation of printing workflows to make models water-tight for 3D printing.

According to A2K Technologies’ Joint-CEO, Paul Laycock, the move into 3D printing services is a continuation of the company’s expansion to meet the widest range of design technology needs for customers in the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries, especially for injection and die-cast moulding.

As part of the company’s growth plans, A2K recently employed 3D, large format and laser printing specialists, James Shaw, Jason Hampton-Taylor and Alexandra Mastorakos.

A2K Technologies is committed to remaining at the forefront of technology in the design space, and we expect 3D printing to be the most disruptive technology since the internet,” said Laycock.

“Bringing 3D printing products, services and training into our suite further solidifies A2K’s position of trusted advisor and design technology partner.”

A2K will sell a range of 3D printers with industry-leading capabilities, including those able to print down to a resolution of 20 microns, and with an extensive assortment of third party filaments, ranging from PLA and ABS, to bronze, copper and bamboo.