ACS quadruples production of custom hearing protection

3D Systems (DDD), the originator of 3D printing, announced ACS Custom, a UK-based digital production house for custom hearing protection, in-ear monitors and other communication devices, has transformed its manufacturing workflow by incorporating two Figure 4™ Standalone 3D printers. As a result of the enhanced workflow, ACS has realized a 4X increase in capacity and 2X increase in efficiency while reducing material consumption by 50% and labor cost by as much as 80% on one part.

Figure 4 Standalone includes 3D Systems’ 3D Sprint™, which delivers advanced software support for preparation, editing, printing, and management, while also eliminating the need for ownership of costly third party software. ACS has found 3D Sprint to bring tremendous value to their workflow, helping mitigate errors and improve efficiency.

ACS produces custom devices and in-ear audio monitors for musicians, and custom in-ear communication devices for the UK military. The company utilizes a 100% digital production workflow that includes 3D scanning a person’s ear, importing that data into design software to design the end part, and 3D printing an eggshell mold which is then cleaned and filled with silicon. Once the silicon is set, the mold is broken away, and electronic components are added to complete the device.