Additive Industries & LPW sign a deal for MetalFAB1

Additive Industries and LPW sign an agreement to integrate powder management for the MetalFAB1 systems.

LPW Technology and Additive Industries have confirmed their collaboration on integrated industrial additive manufacturing of metal parts for high-end applications like aerospace. LPW Technology has signed a commercial agreement for Additive Industries to offer the powder management solutions of LPW as an integral part of the MetalFAB1 systems and supporting Additive World Platform. This allows Additive Industries customers to automatically load powder into the MetalFAB1 systems in inert conditions and record the main characteristics of the metal powders during their lifecycle from metal powder manufacturing to part production. Especially in series production of qualified parts, this closed loop system is a key in reducing the risk of contamination and potential variations in the powder performance as a result of exposure to oxygen and humidity.