Additive Industries state finalists of Design Challenge

Additive Industries have announced the 6 finalists of Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2018 in two categories: professional and student designer.

Intech DMLS team (India) show how avionics can benefit from the additive manufacturing capabilities by focusing on part count reduction.

The French team,“3D-medlab”, optimised the design of a Medical Part Gripper, showing even when additive manufacturing is already applied to producing prosthesis in the medical field, there is still room for extended applications.

An Italian team from the company Aidro Hydraulics, perfectly reduce both weight and space as well as optimizing the flow performance of a hydraulic manifold designed for AM.

Fabian Baum by using the “LightHinge+” principles, stresses and deformations caused by the applied loads are minimized and 50% weight reduction is achieved.

Philipp Kaindl with his “Gasification Burner” invented a novel coal swirling mechanism to increase the thermal efficiency.

Yogeshkumar Katrodiya from Fraunhofer IGCV with his functional integration design of a shaft and gear created a better cooling efficiency with sufficient quantity of lubricant.

And, Cassidy Silbernagel from the University of Nottingham (UK) with his upgraded “multi-filament Ultimaker 2+ all metal hot end” with enhanced part cooling.