Additive Manufacturing course in Norway for offshore and energy sector


On 25 and 26 September a 2-day course on Additive Manufacturing will be given in Høvik, Norway. The course is intended for materials engineers within the oil & gas, offshore and subsea, maritime, and energy sector.

The course will provide an overview of available 3D printing processes and explain their underlying physical principles. Practical examples from joint industry projects (JIPs) will be presented and current research as well as standards and qualification of AM parts will be discussed.

Upon completion of the Additive Manufacturing course, participants will have learned about direct conversion of 3D computer aided designs into physical objects using a variety of approaches.

They will understand how AM can change the way prototyping and product manufacturing is done, using flexible processes that allow for the creation of very complex and customizable 3D objects.

Typical participants are: professionals who work with fabrication and manufacturing; design engineers who have a special interest in AM; and executives who seek to understand the strategic implications of additive manufacturing.

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