AEROTEC and APWORKS aim to profit from 3D market

The aerostructures supplier Premium AEROTEC reinforces its leading position in the additive manufacturing sector by taking over APWORKS, the 3D print specialist. Both partners complement the other’s capabilities and aim to profit from the fast-paced growth in the 3D printing market together. Premium AEROTEC and Airbus, the previous owner of APWORKS, have agreed to keep the purchasing price confidential.

Premium AEROTEC is a pioneer in implementing metal 3D printing for aviation. Premium AEROTEC has full capability throughout the entire additive manufacturing process chain, from product conception to development and the actual printing process.

Joining forces of Premium AEROTEC and APWORKS gives clients access to currently eleven production units, which use a wide variety of materials, and the entire value-added chain of component reconditioning.

With Premium AEROTEC as the sole shareholder, APWORKS remains an independent company with its own market presence. With its start-up reactivity and mentality, APWORKS helps its clients to identify which components are suitable for 3D printing, to optimize them and to produce them as quickly as possible.