Afinia’s 3D printer in the Mobile Invention Lab

Afinia 3D Printer in Sinquefield Mobile Invention Lab

Afinia’s 3D printer has been placed among the other equipment in the mobile invention lab that travels within the Great Rivers Council.

Dr. Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield, who supports the Boy Scouts of America and currently a board member for the Great Rivers Council, made the mobile invention lab [] and recently brought the Boy Scouts access to 3D printing.

inside-trailor-500x440Last summer, the kids who were working toward their blacksmith merit badge, in the mobile lab, designed some jewelry in SketchUp and printed it as a mold using the 3D printer.

Sinquefield and her team had their Afinia 3D printers up and running within 30 minutes of opening the boxes, even though none of them had previous experience.

Sinquefield says, “Two weeks after we got it, they were doing crazy things with something they had never seen before! They had no previous experience with 3D design or SketchUp, but they are curious and comfortable with computers, and are quick to learn things. Again, the Afinia 3D printers ended up being a perfect fit, as Scouts participating in the invention lab and using 3D printers are able to receive their invention merit badge.”

They built a chair using the CNC router, and used Epilog laser to engrave back of chair, and the 3D printers to make cup holders.

In the Cub Scouts, they used the 3D printers to make action figures with the filament and decorated them with paints and other materials to form a custom action figure.

The goal of the mobile lab is to get kids familiar with new technology and equipment and teach them to be makers. The idea is to make them see something, and realize that they can create it.