AI SpaceFactory wins a prize for construction of MARSHA

AI SpaceFactory, an architecture and technology company based in New York, has printed their way to a top finish in the construction phase of the NASA and Bradley University sponsored 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. AI SpaceFactory received a prize of USD 88,353.30 on February 1st for its successful demonstration of autonomous construction of MARSHA, a visionary proposal for a Martian surface habitat selected by NASA as one of five finalists in an international competition. The competition asks teams to design and build a habitat for a crew of four astronauts on a mission to Mars using structural principles and construction techniques enabled by 3D printing technology.

AI SpaceFactory describes MARHSA as a first-principles rethinking of what a Martian habitat could be — not another low-lying dome or confined half-buried structure, but an airy, multi-level environment filled with diffuse light. This innovation challenges the conventional image of “space age” architecture by focusing on the creation of highly habitable spaces tuned to the demands of a Mars mission.