AICON 3D Systems’ 25 years in 3D metrology

06_AICON_buildingAICON 3D Systems, which has developed, manufactured and supplied 3D metrology for various applications celebrates its 25 years now. As optical, camera-based 3D metrology has become a standard in many industrial areas, more than 4,000 of the installed 3D measuring systems worldwide come from AICON 3D Systems.

Dr.-Ing. Carl-Thomas Schneider and Dr.-Ing. Werner Bösemann jointly found the AICON 3D Systems GmbH in 1990, initially a Spin-Off from Volkswagen Research and Technical University Braunschweig. Technologiepark Braunschweig provided the ideal conditions and AICON in 2003, moved to their own buildings in the Northwest of Braunschweig.

While summarizing the start of their company, they say “In the first place, we wanted to name our company ICON. That sounded fitting, as the word means ’image‘ in Greek. Because of trademark issues, it wasn’t possible; an image processing company already carried that name. However, we liked the sound of the word. We simply put an A in front: AICON. The sound is the same, and it has an advantage: We are always on top in alphabetic company lists.”

AICON took over the scanner manufacturer Breuckmann in 2012 and the joint product portfolio includes portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, specialized optical measuring technology for vehicle testing and tube manufacturing, as well as white light scanners for contact-free surface measurement of objects.

Besides serving the automotive manufacturers, companies from aerospace industry and mechanical engineering, AICON also serves research facilities and universities.

With more than 140 employees worldwide, AICON has two German sites, headquarters in Braunschweig and the Scanner Innovation Center in Meersburg on Lake Constance and subsidiaries in China, Korea, Japan and the USA that contribute to the success of the company.