Air Liquide wins Process Intensification Award by EFCE

A new reactor design that significantly increases the efficiency of hydrogen production has won the 2017 Process Intensification Award for Industrial Innovation, awarded by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE).

Air Liquide, the 3D printed, milli-structured heat exchanger reactor was designed to improve the efficiency of producing hydrogen by steam reforming natural gas. The improved reactor is expected to reduce operating costs up to 20%.

The team notes that key to the development were optimizing the internal design that includes the fluidic and thermomechanical constraints.

Air Liquide expects the reactor will be of interest to a wide range of industries requiring hydrogen, ranging from oil and gas production, floating LNG, to household hydrogen microgeneration.

The 2017 EFCE Process Intensification Award for Industrial Innovation was presented during the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Barcelona, Spain, on 2 October 2017.