Airwolf 3D printers installed in Mexico’s ITH

Airwolf 3D has recently installed two new AXIOM 3D printers in the Hermosillo Institute of Technology (ITH). The University was selected among 230 institutes in the country to be the home of Mexico’s first Aerospace Innovation Center.

ITH’s Dean, Mr. Adolfo Rivera, said that these printers would help prepare students and teachers for the future Innovation Center. Highlighting Sonora’s need for skilled technology professionals in the state’s growing automotive and aerospace industries, Dean Rivera said, “We need to bring the latest technology to our labs, so we can reaffirm our leadership and continue to prepare the best engineers and licensed technicians.”

ITH will be using the 3D printers in their Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics lab, but professors and students from the Industrial, Electronic, and Biomedical Engineering departments will benefit from them as well. In fact, as Dean Rivera explained, “These 3D printers will help all departments and projects, so that the talent and creativity of our students may continue to grow with the most advanced technology in the world.” Ideaz3D, one of the partners of Airwolf 3D, is providing ITH with the initial training on their AXIOM 3D printers. An advanced 3D printing training course is currently under development in partnership with Airwolf 3D.