AMFG and LEO announce a strategic partnership for AM

AMFG, a leading provider of workflow automation software for additive manufacturing, has announced a strategic partnership with LEO Lane, which offers industry-leading file security and IP protection solutions for the additive manufacturing industry. The partnership will see both companies integrate their software solutions to offer customers a secure solution for end-to-end AM workflow management, including virtual inventories and on-demand production.

The partnership will enhance AMFG’s comprehensive MES system by adding LEO Lane’s best in class security solutions to its offering. These include protecting IP, securing and real-time tracking of digital assets, enforcing control over consistency, quality and quantity of parts and products as part of a secured workflow management system.

In addition, LEO Lane’s customers can benefit from AMFG’s end-to-end workflow management solutions, including production scheduling, post-processing scheduling and file preparation tools.

The combination of workflow management and file security solutions provides the ideal means for companies to manage their digital inventories and facilitate agile, on-demand production. The two companies have already acquired their first joint industrial client and are looking forward to working with more in the future.