AMFG announces multi-platform solution for AM

AMFG has recently announced that it now offers a multi-platform solution for additive manufacturing, with the release of a tablet-optimised solution for post production and post-processing in addition to a new, downloadable, desktop application. As a result, AMFG’s AI-driven production automation software can now be used across all devices, providing much-needed flexibility and mobility to manufacturers.

AMFG’s tablet-optimised solution is designed to be used on the production floor, giving project engineers and technicians a portable, digital way to quickly track and identify parts post production. Using the system’s advanced 3D viewer, users can easily identify successful parts in real time and place any failed prints back into the system’s production queue. The 3D viewer also includes all data about the part and also logs all user activity. To ensure the quality of printed parts, AMFG’s post production solution also offers the ability to track quality assurance checks.

In addition to the tablet solutions, AMFG has also released a downloadable desktop application, giving its customers the flexibility to use the production management software directly from their desktop in addition to within their browsers.