AMRC collaborates with high-tech audio company

Advanced solution: The components additively manufactured by the AMRC for Wilson Benesch. Top are the load-bearing spheres, centre is the curved tonearm mount and bottom are the fluted cups.

Engineers from the AMRC have turned up the volume on additive manufacturing to collaborate with a high-tech audio company to develop parts for some of its luxury products.

A team from the Design and Prototyping Group at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) were approached by local firm Wilson Benesch to use its additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities to realise a selection of new titanium components.

The choice of components consisted of a tonearm mount for a state-of-the-art record player, fluted cups to go between the shelves and carbon fibre bars on a Hi-Fi rack, and load-bearing steel spheres that sit on the four corners of each section of the rack to isolate the shelves.

AM is a sound choice where there is a high degree of complexity in a part or to add functionality into an assembly – like the tonearm mount.

The Wilson Benesch project showcases the AMRC’s capabilities – working collaboratively from conceptual design through to creating prototype parts and understanding application – which can benefit companies, particularly SMEs.