AMUG announces Lifetime Achievement Award for Sorovetz

Paul Bates, AMUG president, presents the Lifetime Achievement Award to Thomas Sorovetz. Also pictured: Suzanne Sorovetz, Thomas’ wife, and Jim Harrison, past president.

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) has announced Thomas Sorovetz as the first recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award. Sorovetz, a casting engineer at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and AMUG’s event manager, was recognized during the group’s 30th annual conference for 25 years of service, hard work and dedication.

Sorovetz is now the most honored AMUG member, being the only person to have received the three most prestigious awards that the group bestows: President’s Award [2000], DINO (Distinguished Innovator operator) Award [2001] and Lifetime Achievement Award [2018].

Created specifically for Thomas Sorovetz, the custom-designed award, representing his passion for foundry work, is personalized with his likeness, which was crafted from 3D scanning files. AMUG members banded together to fashion the original design, 3D print the award and embellish it with metal plating. These actions were completed by Jim Charmatz (Charmskool Design).