Anisoprint launches a new product: ProM IS 500

Anisoprint ProM IS 500 — the first continuous fiber 3D printer for printing high temperature thermoplastics reinforced with continuous fibers.

Anisoprint, Luxembourgish-Russian manufacturer of hardware, materials, and software for producing continuous fiber-reinforced composite parts, launched a new product: ProM IS 500. It is the first industrial 3D printer specifically designed to print high-temperature thermoplastics with continuous fiber reinforcement.

The machine design includes industrial components, CNC, quality control and safety systems, providing precise, repeatable and reliable manufacturing of mid-sized composite parts: printer’s build volume is 600mm × 420mm × 300mm. ProM will be equipped with a heated chamber for printing high-temperature polymers such as PEEK or PEI, automated calibration, material and print quality controls, high-precision motion control, supporting industrial interfaces and safety requirements. The machine is designed to run 24/7 in a factory environment.

The new product is also based on Anisoprint’s patented Composite Fiber Co-extrusion (CFC) technology and represents another step towards the advent of anisoprinting era — a new approach to manufacturing. The novelty ProM IS 500 allows taking more opportunities of the technology being the professional level of anisoprinting while its basics can be learnt from Composer — desktop continuous fiber 3D printer, also based on CFC technology.