Apium launches Polypropylene (PP) in 3D Printing

Apium’s 3D Printing technology allows end-users cleverly manipulate the processing of amorphous, semi-crystalline and highly crystalline materials in a straight forward manner without the sometimes necessity for post-processing annealing.

Polypropylene is the new material addition to Apium’s portfolio, securing a key technical position amongst the other semi-crystalline materials at Apium namely PEEK, Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK, POM-C and PVDF.

Polypropylene (PP) is a linear hydrocarbon thermoplastic polymer, created from the polymerization of propylene monomers. In terms of industrial production, PP is the next most widely used commodity polymer following polyethylene.

PP is one of the most versatile polymers with a wide variety of applications.

The addition of PP to Apium’s material portfolio with a well defined printing profile on the Apium P-series machine now makes it possible for users of this material to extend their manufacturing power so as to fully reap the wide applications benefit of PP. Apium will be providing the unhindered technical support needed to assist users of PP realize their manufacturing goals especially resource cost and time to market reductions, for your spare- and custom parts.