Arcam expands Alcoa’s 3D printing portfolio

Arcam, a supplier of additive manufacturing solutions, has declared that lightweight metals leader Alcoa has expanded its portfolio of additive manufacturing solutions to include the Arcam Q20plus, Arcam’s largest, fastest 3D printer, at Alcoa’s Austin, TX facility. Alcoa will leverage the printer’s larger size and high output electron beam melting technology to meet increasing demand for complex, high-performance 3D printed parts for aerospace. “Arcam is proud to support Alcoa, an innovation leader in 3D printing for aerospace, with our cutting edge 3D printing technology,” says Magnus René, CEO of Arcam.

The Arcam Q20plus allows Alcoa to print parts directly from a 3D computer model by melting and fusing layers of fine metal powder with an electron beam. The Arcam Q20plus is designed for cost-efficient manufacturing of a wide range of aerospace-related components such as aerospace engine and industrial gas turbine components and structural airframe components. The Arcam Q20plus offers the additional advantages of faster build speed and a larger build envelope for printing bigger components or enabling optimal stacking of smaller components.