Arcimoto signs a project with XponentialWorks

XponentialWorks, a venture, innovation and advisory company reinventing additive manufacturing, recently announced a project with Arcimoto, Inc.®, to design and fabricate lightweighted components for Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicle® (FUV®), with the goal of reducing cost, improving performance, efficiency, and making the vehicle even more environmentally friendly.

If successful, the new parts may take the place of heavier, regularly manufactured parts and may enable Arcimoto’s electric vehicles to drive farther distances on a single charge, improve acceleration, and deliver better handling – all while parts costs are reduced during production. The lightweighted designs were made using artificial intelligence and computer-generated design by ParaMatters.

ParaMatters’ unique technology was used to redesign and fabricate new parts with geometries that mimic the natural structure, patented by nature, to add a level of performance and sustainability that is unparalleled – from energy savings to material usage and beyond.