Artec 3D and SCSU create virtual learning experience

Artec 3D, has declared that its handheld Artec Spider ™ scanner and Studio 10 software have been selected by St. Cloud State University’s (SCSU) Visualization Lab to broaden the university’s virtual learning offerings. Artec’s hardware and software joins the institution’s cutting-edge Visualization Lab, which is powered by its own server and equipped with touch-enabled computers, stand-up touchscreen displays, projectors and virtual reality headsets. Artec’s scanning products are being used by the Visualization Lab to capture a wide range of real-world objects and expand the university’s collection of 3D models that can be studied by students in virtual environments.

The scanner allowed the Visualization Lab to capture the intricate level of detail on each skull in the collection, including those of cows, deer, foxes, bobcats and even humans. The portability of the handheld scanner and its ability to reproduce various textures and features in high quality proved especially useful for more complex skulls, such as those with antlers. The Artec Studio 10 software was used to seamlessly smooth the captured scan meshes of skull and antlers together, creating the final, watertight 3D digital model.

In terms of reconstruction, the use of high-precision scanners and advanced software enables the lab to take this project even further. By building a new mesh using the skulls, the lab uncovers information about what that person or animal looked like, enabling more advanced study with the potential to benefit a variety of fields such as biology, anthropology, archaeology and even medical.