AstroPrint partners with Stanley Black and Decker

AstroPrint is announcing a partnership with Stanley Black & Decker to connect, control, and optimize their fleet of 3D printers across multiple facilities. With AstroPrint’s Enterprise Cloud, Stanley Black & Decker will effortlessly automate their Additive Manufacturing systems and workflows on a single platform, ensuring that resources are properly shared and optimized, while gaining actionable intelligence on productivity and growth opportunities.

The first step is to connect all of their teams and 3D printers that are currently distributed in different offices dotted around the globe.

Once connected, Stanley Black & Decker’s engineers will gain a commanding view of all the 3D printers in the fleet.

AstroPrint Enterprise Cloud will enable Stanley Black & Decker engineers to collect data on their 3D Printer fleet as well as check the usage, productivity, and issues of each printer. Stanley Black and Decker will use this data to continuously optimize their workflows and make intelligent decisions on scaling up and scaling out their 3D Printing processes.