Aubert & Duval and PyroGenesis supply Ti powders to EUR


Aubert & Duval, a subsidiary of Eramet Group’s Alloys division, specialized in high performance metallurgy, and PyroGenesis, a Canadian player specialized in plasma manufacturing processes, have entered into a partnership agreement for the supply of titanium powders to Europe’s additive manufacturing market.

To extend its current portfolio of metal powders for the additive manufacturing market, Aubert & Duval has decided to team up with PyroGenesis to manufacture and distribute plasmaatomized titanium powders. This will allow Aubert & Duval to ensure the exclusive distribution of these powders in Europe, its main market.

Under this agreement, this new titanium offer by Aubert & Duval will be marketed under the Pearl® Micro brand.

This agreement will allow Eramet to reach a significant 15% market share of titanium powders in Europe by 2022.

The Group presently produces superalloys metal powders, notably for aircraft engines and land turbines in the energy sector, as well as stainless steel powders intended for various markets including defense and automotive.