Aurora Labs signs a research agreement with CSIRO

Lab22 [Image: CSIRO]

Aurora Labs Limited (“Aurora” or “the Company”), is pleased to announce the signing of a research agreement with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (“CSIRO”), Australia’s national science organisation and one of the most diverse scientific research organisations in the world.

Aurora is currently standing as the proxy for its Additive Manufacturing Solution Centre (“Solution Centre”), which will provide comprehensive additive manufacturing integrative consulting services, distribution of its 3D-printers, and possible prints and powders.

By the terms of the agreement, Aurora’s small format printer will be installed in CSIRO’s Lab22 Innovation Centre in Melbourne, which allows businesses to access some of the most advanced 3D printing technology in the southern hemisphere.

As part of the agreement, CSIRO will provide: (i) services to Aurora Labs to the value of USD 100,000, which include labour and overhead costs; (ii) documentation to Aurora Labs on the design, printing and optimisation process, and the outcomes of CSIRO’s research and testing in relation to the same; (iii) specialist services to the proposed Solution Centre entity; and (iv) a report at the end of the trial regarding products produced from the trial.