Authentise & Microsoft sign a multi-year collaboration

Collaboration puts Manufacturing Execution Systems in the cloud and makes digital automations available to all those on the front lines of additive production.

Authentise driven workflow tools for additive manufacturing has agreed to a multi-year collaboration with Microsoft to utilize Microsoft Azure and integrate Authentise’s workflow management system into Microsoft Flow.

The integration with Flow gives operators directly involved in additive manufacturing quoting, production and analytics processes the opportunity to create their own automation without any coding knowledge. Flow allows them to connect Authentise’s data with third-party applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Quickbooks, text messaging, email and more, simply by dragging and dropping the operations into place. In doing so they can create custom alerts, dashboards, and other workflow automation to further increase transparency and efficiency in their additive manufacturing operations.

In addition to the integration with Flow, Authentise is also switching its existing customers to Azure.