Avid boosts production with HP Multi-Jet Fusion 4210

Avid Product Development has doubled its capacity to produce high-quality 3D-printed parts with the purchase and installation of a second HP Multi-Jet Fusion 4210 printer.

While Avid offers engineering and prototyping services, the HP printers are all about production and there’s no production job too big or too small for Avid’s printers.

That makes it a whole lot cheaper for Avid’s customers.

One of Avid’s largest customer sectors is now the renewable energy industry.

Bridge tooling and low-volume finished products are the sweet spot of these printers.

The new HP 3D Multi-Jet Fusion 4210 printers can print 10 times faster than other printing technologies, an advantage Avid sees taking the six-year-old company to new heights.

Avid’s headquarters are located at 129 S. Cleveland in Loveland. The company has been adding new workers and now employs 11 people working two shifts.