Ays Fabricación 3D sells BigRep 3D printers nationwide

BigRep is proud to announce that AyS Fabricación 3D—a leading supplier of 3D print solutions in Spain, and a company belonging to Análisis y Simulación (AyS)—will begin selling BigRep industrial 3D printers, nationwide. Together, we will accelerate the implementation of additive manufacturing (AM) in aerospace, automotive, medical and high-tech machine building.

AyS Fabricación 3D, based in Miñano—a charming village in the Basque Country—has 4 regional offices and more than 100 employees, and a long history in manufacturing.

AyS entered the market in 1997, selling CAD and CAE solutions, but it was in 2008 that AyS Additive Manufacturing was established—in response to the growing need for advanced manufacturing in Spain is more of an indirect manufacturing nation, where 3D printing plays a key role in tooling and molding etc. However, the AM industry is developing rapidly, and with time, AM will become a mainstay for producing end-use parts and new innovative applications.

The customer support aligns with BigRep’s strategy of not only manufacturing the leading industrial 3D printers in the market but also working with our customers to ensure their experience with large-scale 3D printing is smooth and hassle-free.