Banking on AM built by AMRC engineers

A bank of powerful 3D printers linked to easy-to-use software has been built by AMRC engineers to show that the batch-printing of bespoke polymer components is an affordable option, even for smaller manufacturers who are keen to accelerate their design processes, shorten lead times and drive improvements in productivity and quality.

The bank is installed on custom racking which connects each printer to Formlabs’ Dashboard software which gives users visibility of printer utilization, allowing them to select a printer using the appropriate material for their print build with just a couple of clicks.

After a short 45-minute training course and completing their first print, engineers have remote access to SLA capabilities and 20 different polymer materials for a range of applications including prototyping, engineering resins, and beta test materials such as ceramics for specialist applications.

The bank has already been used by AMRC research projects for global aerospace companies who want to explore the feasibility of investing in batch-printing technology to produce components of the necessary quality, within very short time-frames, and worked with them to demonstrate how designing for AM can streamline their manufacturing processes.