BASF & Essentium bring 3D prosthetic sockets to market

3D printed prosthetic leg by Essentium, Inc., featuring BASF composite polyamide materials.

BASF and Essentium, Inc., under its subsidiary brand TriFusion Devices, bring the strongest 3D printed thermoplastic carbon fiber definitive prosthetic socket to market that is easily customized to ensure the most comfortable fit for patients.

The prosthetic, printed with BASF’s Ultramid® polyamide reinforced with short carbon fiber, is lightweight, yet tough and more flexible than traditional carbon fiber sockets. The definitive socket is made with thermoplastic material that enables small adjustments in increments of 2‑3 mm without weakening as needed throughout the life cycle of the prosthetic, a crucial development as a patient’s body changes over time. While traditional sockets do not easily accommodate modifications, BASF’s material allows changes to be made directly to the socket to ensure it always fits a patient comfortably.

The 3D printed socket streamlines the time- and resource-intensive production process to less than 24 hours from scan to ship. This allows for efficient order fulfillment, increased patient interface and profitability for clinicians. It also eliminates human error as the scan ensures the socket fit is close to correct the first time.