BCN3D funds USD3M to boost its leadership in the IDEX

The research group that created the disruptive IDEX 3D printing technology democratizing industry-grade features to the desktop market, now becomes a standalone company after raising USD3M seed funding by VC firms Accurafy4, JME VC and Victoria. BCN3D currently leads the IDEX technology -Independent Dual EXtruder, which doubles productivity compared to conventional desktop 3D printers. BCN3D recently achieved the 5,000 3D printers sold milestone through a network of 60 active distribution partners operating worldwide.

BCN3D has also announced the spin-off from CIM-UPC Center, the leading Additive Manufacturing center from the South of Europe which is part of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC). Together with the CIM-UPC, the new company is founded by Xavier Martinez Faneca (CEO), and BCN3D’s executive team: Roger Antunez, Pol Domenech, Marc Felis, Jose Antonio Ortega, Eric Pallares, and its technology advisor Roger Uceda.