BigRep & DMRC sign a deal on AM research projects

Leading large-scale 3D printer manufacturer BigRep has announced a partnership with the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC), one of the world’s foremost industrial research networks.

BigRep will join the consortium as the only FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machine manufacturer representing the complete additive manufacturing (AM) value chain. This includes material and machine manufacturers, as well as service providers and end users.

BigRep can leverage its research capabilities and collaborate with multiple industry-leading companies on cutting-edge projects in additive manufacturing.

The underlying aim of these research projects will be to improve quality, reliability and cost efficiency of additive manufacturing technology for industrial use.

The DRMC’s selection of BigRep as its FDM partner is yet another highlight, with the announcement BigRep’s win at the German Brand Award 2018.

The DMRC conducts a range of joint research projects in different application fields, surrounding topics such as new material development, and design for AM, mechanical behavior and process chain management. The aim of this highly interdisciplinary approach is to develop AM towards an industrial established production process.