BigRep & Heidelberg build BigRep STUDIO 3D printer

Technology company BigRep has announced its collaboration with Heidelberg Digital Platforms, a division of Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg), to build the BigRep STUDIO 3D printer.

For Kreuzberg-based BigRep, the cooperation with Heidelberg is an important strategic step on the way to becoming the world’s leading supplier of additive manufacturing systems. BigRep stands to benefit from Heidelberg’s know-how in industrialization, product validation and flexible production.

Heidelberg is assembling the 3D printing systems for BigRep at its Wiesloch-Walldorf location. The partnership includes logistics for delivery to customers worldwide, including order management “as a service”, and is expected to result in a significant increase in efficiency. It will also considerably reduce time-to-market for the STUDIO, allowing BigRep to concentrate on marketing and customer support for this latest product.

The new BigRep STUDIO sets new standards in terms of speed, precision and reliability. Due to its perfect combination of design, size and functionality, the BigRep STUDIO is ideal for use in smaller workspaces, such as studios or offices.