BIO X wins “The Grand Award of Design 2019”


BIO X, the 3D bioprinter for human tissue is awarded The Grand Award of Design 2019. The company behind this innovation is CELLINK who, together with Semcon’s design department, has developed a user-friendly, and original design for the bioprinter.

The Swedish Teknikföretagen’s Grand Award of Design highlights design as a key to competitiveness and profitability.

The BIO X 3D bioprinter uses a unique bioink to print human tissue. CELLINK has commercialized products such as bioink and bioprinter BIO X. These products are being used in life science research to allow medical tests to be carried out on human tissue.

CELLINK has not only succeeded in building a revolutionary bioprinter but has also made it available to researchers through extensive cost-effective collaborations.

Through a smart futuristic design that has a low threshold in use, it has been created to solve complex problems.